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Namecheap Inks Domain Registration Deal With Adobe Portfolio
Phoenix-based domain name registrar Adobe, with Adobe Portfolio, which lets users built a website to showcase their creative work, the company said this morning. According to Namecheap, the deal will ...

Namecheap Partners with Adobe Portfolio to Make Purchasing and Connecting Custom Domain Names Simple, Seamless and Affordable
PHOENIX, Oct. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Namecheap, the world's second largest retail domain registrar with over 10 ... purchase and connect custom domain names from Namecheap in a few clicks ...

This site helps you find cheap startup domain names that aren’t completely shit
Most cost just a few dollars on GoDaddy (or — I’m pretty evangelistic ... Of course, Domainz isn’t the only cowboy in the quirky-but-cheap-domain-names rod...

Uniregistry is rolling out a paid discount plan
Domain name registrar Uniregistry rolled out a new discount plan at ... The plans charge a fee to activate discounts on new and renewal billing. The cheapest plan is $108 per year. It appears that the ...

Best domain name registrars of 2018
Every great website needs a snappy, memorable domain name. Coming up with something new ... and that's often the cheapest option. Finally, take a look at the support a registrar offers. You may never ...

Paul Vixie wants to stop malicious domains before they're created
He had a way for people to buy domain names in bulk, which they did because they needed to buy cheap domain names for ... who registered them or by the registrar like GoDaddy or the gTLD registry ...

HostBreak Launches Upgraded Dedicated Web Hosting Services in Pakistan
We are giving domain registration, Joomla host ... you will not ever locate a cheap and inexpensive web hosting provider and supplier like us. is running and maintaining its web ...

How Much Money Do You Really Need To Start Your Micro Business?
The hosting package was very cheap as was the registration of the domain name - again both with 1&1. I worked alone for the first four months to secure the initial clients and be sure that the service ...

Namecheap releases interesting data about domain registrations
... and recent and historical data on domain registrations at the registrar. Namecheap released a report today with data about its customers and their choice of top level domain names. The report incl...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
Well, that and the fact that every domain registration gets 2 free hosted pages for your site, a free Gandiblog, a 1-year SSL cert for free, email services, and more. You can see all of Gandi’s featur...

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