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Elon Musk paid $11 million to purchase the domain name
Elon Musk, co-founder and CEO of Tesla, revealed today the purchase price of the domain name He paid $11 million to buy in February 2016 from its previous owner. The purchase pric...

How to Find Out Who Owned a Domain Name in the Past
Domain names carry registration information that includes records about the owner and hosting servers. It’s always a good idea to know as much information as possible about the previous owner. To find ...

How many clicks does it take to get to the owner of a domain name?
What is the average number of hoops users must jump through before they are able to contact the owner of a desired domain name? Let’s find out. TL;DR: it can take upwards of 10 extra clicks for custom...

This Penn professor owns a domain name worth millions. Here’s why he won’t sell
Hunt for jobs, not deer. A University of Pennsylvania professor by the name of Matt Blaze is sitting on a gold mine. See, the domain name that leads to his personal website,, stands to rake ...

Why NBC Owns A Lot Of Dirty-Sounding Domain Names
NBC owns dozens of shadow URLs that it's forced to buy because it has mentioned them on one of its shows, reports Gizmodo's Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, who did some digging on the matter. Sketchy sound...

Chicago Cop Who Beat Black Woman Owns Racist Domain Names, Lawsuit Says
The city of Chicago reached a $185,000 settlement with Johnson whose attorney says the discovery of the racist domain names had an influence on the decision. According to the Daily Beast, Granias atte...

How To Check Who Owns a Domain Name
They maintain the WHOIS database which contains the contact information for every domain. You can use the WHOIS database to obtain the name, address, telephone number of both the owner and the adminis...

Wolters Kluwer’s Corsearch Answers WHOIS the Owner of a Domain Name with Latest SaaS Product Release
or brand name for any Top Level Domain (TLD) globally and then present real-time domain ownership details and a current website screenshot. Additionally, the tool can quickly audit corporate domain po...

Trump Owns 3,000 Domain Names Including,
All the registrant information for the 3,643 domain names route to the Trump Organization’s general counsel. The vast majority are just blank pages, while about 400 of them redirect you to Trump websi...

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