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How to register your own domain name
Here’s how to register your own domain name. When setting up your personal domain name ... If you don’t have a place to host your website or information, most registrars have hosting as an available option during the registration process.

Brandsight Announces Beta Release of Next-Generation Corporate Domain Name Management Platform
With Brandsight Domain Name Management, corporate domain portfolio managers can: Stay informed with an at-a-glance dashboard highlighting current portfolio status, required actions and important news and industry updates Streamline registration processes ...

gTLD Sunrise Periods Now Open
Please see our December 2013 Newsletter for information as to what the Sunrise Period is, and how to become eligible to register a domain name under one of the new gTLDs during this period. As of January 31, 2018, ICANN lists Sunrise the period as open for ...

Public Domain vs. Private Domain—What To Choose?
A domain name is a sequence of letters separated by periods ... But there’s always the risk of being spammed. When you go for private registration, your information stays protected. Most registrars give you a unique email address as well.

Counterfeit code-signing certs more prevalent, but cost a deterrent
The starting price for a domain name registration with an EV SSL certificate was US$ ... but two were still around and carrying on the same trade. "According to the information provided by both sellers during a private conversation, to guarantee the ...

Net neutrality repeal will take effect in April
The Restoring Internet Freedom Order has been published by the Federal Register and contains ... Broadband internet is classified as an information service, not a utility. A small concession provided is that domain name servers (DNS) are deemed essential ...

What is going on with WHOIS?
“WHOIS” is a database administered by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN ... to replace WHOIS altogether with Next-Generation Generic Top-Level Domain Registration Directory Services (RDS) which will likely extend some ...

Web domains or Web Names being auctioned at NameJet by a private seller
The individuals who want to acquire the domain name registration rights to below domains or domains ... Enquiries about the domain names listed above and other relevant information can be gotten from NameJet’s direct support. NameJet™ is a domain ...

Psst…Need a PhD thesis? That’ll be $63,000
We are able to see bits of information relating to orders that are placed on ... The searching strategy that worked best for us turned out to be a reverse Domain Name Server lookup or rDNS. RW: Can you tell us more about the reverse Domain Name Server ...

11 Tools That Will Skyrocket Your Content Promotion
The tool will show you whatever contact information it can find, and lists the names with their domain authority ... Information about account registration The number of tweets a specific account has The percentage of retweets of a certain account ...

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