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How to register your own domain name
PCWorld 2. If the name is available, you will have the choice to register the domain on several different top-level domains if available, such as .com, .org, .biz, and .net. If the name is not available, simply try again. Hundreds of millions of domains ...

Web domains or Web Names being auctioned at NameJet by a private seller Today cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon ... the company provides solutions for customers who are attempting to acquire the domain name registration rights to expiring domains or domains that have not been registered again ...

Domain Name registration in Macau SAR amended”, “.組織.mo” or ... An applicant will need to register in sequence "COM.MO" and then ".MO" The duration of a domain name registration is valid for THREE years, the registration fee is charged on a yearly basis. From the date of the ...

What is going on with WHOIS?
“WHOIS” is a database administered by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN ... to replace WHOIS altogether with Next-Generation Generic Top-Level Domain Registration Directory Services (RDS) which will likely extend some ...

‘Cybersquatter’ beats Breed to obvious name for her campaign website
“We’re thinking of buying and and forwarding them to ... remarkably simple scheme for anyone with cursory knowledge of how to register a domain name, which involves a few clicks with a registrar and a credit card.

Nigeria gains 1,591 new .ng domain names
The registration of Nigeria domain name, .ng, increased by 1,591 from October to November ... The .ng comes next, largely because it costs several times more than while, which is usually used by non-profit organisations, ranks third with ...

A Brief History of the Domain Name
Before 1995, anyone who wanted a domain name could register it free of charge ... are recognizable to the casual web user as the text coming at the end of a URL — .com, .org, .edu, etc. Recently, more than 100 new gLTDs were added, increasing the ...

The Pirate Bay’s .SE Domain is Back in Action
The Pirate Bay's .SE domain name is back in action ... directing visitors to the current .org domain. A quick look at the Whois information shows that the domain has been reactivated and the registration updated to October next year.

The dot-com URL is still king
We're talking 15, 20 years ago. You know, they had the foresight to go and register one-word dot-com domain names. If we could all, you know, travel back in time, I'm sure we'd all be doing the same thing right now. Wood: And you give naming advice too at ...

Domains starting at $0.95* for the 1st year when you buy for 2 years or more
Direct your domain to an existing website right away when you sign up. Domain locking Prevent the unauthorized transfer of your domain. Private domain registration Keep your contact information out of the public eye. DNS management Easily edit your name ...

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